West Yorkshire Liaison and Diversion Court staff are Registered Mental Health Nurses, providing a unique service to aid Judiciary and ensure timely information is available to assist with sentencing.

West Yorkshire Liaison and Diversion (L&D) are able to provide a “fast delivery” Court report completed by a qualified health professional. These reports can be provided on the day, through adjournments or in the community for defendants on bail.

Our Court Team are able to provide advocacy, advice and information to all agencies including defendants.

  • Support vulnerable people through the Criminal Justice System
  • Inform the Courts of defendant’s vulnerabilities
  • Support to provide appropriate rehabilitative sentencing options
  • Prevent unnecessary adjournments for psychiatric assessments
  • Reduce excessive remand episodes
  • Offer signposting advice and support

L&D Court practitioners are valued in the Court arena and work closely with the National Prosecution Service by contributing to pre-sentence reports if mental health concerns are highlighted and can advise as to if their mental health, learning disabilities and/or other complex needs have contributed to their offending behaviour. Having access to health systems allows L&D to provide timely, factual information in terms of diagnosed conditions and previous contact with mental health services.

Assessments are informed by the defendant’s medical records, production of written reports detailing if there is a need for a full psychiatric or psychological evaluation is required.

Magistrates or Judges can request our dedicated Court team based across the Courts across West Yorkshire, to complete Court reports on the day. Our Community teams can also provide reports for the court for individuals bailed to Court reducing the need for costly adjournments.

Liaison with Prison healthcare, secure hospitals, and community services ensure we provide timely information to support the care and management of vulnerable defendants in secure estate and community settings to reduce any future risk to themselves or to others.

Referrals are encouraged from Solicitors, Judiciary and Geo-Amy, if they have any concerns regarding the presentation of individuals.
Mental Health Teams and partners working with vulnerable client groups and feel they would benefit from support in the Court arena are also encouraged to speak to the Court practitioners to ensure we can provide support through the Court proceedings and assist in sharing information to ensure individuals receive the most appropriate sentencing option.

“The client was really happy with the support from L&D, she was very thankful for the support with an assessment for court and pleased with the outcome. So much so she no longer needs the support of L&D as she is feeling a lot better.”

Service User Feedback - Court

“Thank you so much, I have never seen anyone get so much detail in a report about me before. It’s really well written.”

Service User Feedback - Court

“Your report made me cry – you are about the only ‘professional’ who has ‘got me’ since my diagnosis. Thanks again.”

Service User Feedback - Court

“Thank you for completing my court report – lovely and very understanding.”

Service User Feedback - Court

“Thank you for all your help and your pre-court report which really helped & influenced sentencing.”

Service User Feedback - Court