Our Leeds team have been awarded the Safer Leeds Domestic Violence and Abuse Quality Mark Level 1!

What is a Kitemark?

It is a certification of quality, safety and trust and provides a product or service with immediate status.

A Kitemark proves to other providers and consumers that the product or service has been tested a series of times and continues to meet recognised Industry Standards and Needs.

Our Kitemark:

Our Leeds team have been awarded Quality Mark level 1 for their Safer Leeds Domestic Violence and Abuse work. This focuses on all individuals who have been effected by Domestic Violence and Abuse, and looks at encouraging other services and business such as; Agencies, Employers and Community Organisations, to get involved and become more focused around this issue.

The Quality Mark was awarded based on the information provided via our self-assessment form and following discussions with a member of the Domestic Violence and Abuse team. Our service has been commended for our efforts  as we achieved this quality mark in such a short period of time.

The award lasts for a period of 3 years before Liaison and Diversion will be offered a review. This will ensure our service continues to meet minimum standards and will allow the service to develop in line with any new criteria that is set.

What are the benefits of the Kitemark for us?

  • Increased understanding of domestic violence and abuse and how to respond appropriately when this is an issue for our clients
  • Demonstrates our commitment to addressing domestic violence and abuse
  • A Quality Mark certificate which identifies that the service aims to deliver best practice to all individuals affected by domestic violence and abuse
  • Evidence of added value to provide funding for bodies and commissioners
  • Contributes to the overall safeguarding agenda
  • Builds positive relationships with other agencies and sharing of information
  • Enables staff training around sharing good practice and policies and guidelines.
  • Inter-agency working and demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement