Well Women and the West Yorkshire Liaison and Diversion Service have a really strong partnership and have worked together since 2016. When the Restore Project was first funded. Women coming from Conditional Cautions experience a seamless transition from the West Yorkshire Liaison and Diversion service to Well Women Centre. In 2018 Well Women Centre won the Howard League for Penal Reform Women’s Category, this was specifically due to the partnership we have.

Well Women are a service based in Wakefield and support women of 16 and above providing a holistic, non-medical approach to help improve women’s health and well-being. The Well Women centre offer counselling at a weekly time and space to help women explore their difficulties in a safe, private, and confidential environment

In addition, they also offer courses as an opportunity for women to meet and support one another in a safe, confidential space. Courses include Managing Low Mood, Managing Anxiety, Understanding Anger, Managing Stress, Post Natal Wellbeing, Living Naturally with the Menopause and The Freedom Programme. Well Women also offer drop-in sessions for Women to come along for support.