West Yorkshire RECONNECT gained funding to spend on sanitary products to donate to HMP New Hall departure lounge. The team’s senior dedicated female navigator, Stacey, approached Here We Flo to match fund the amount. Here We Flo loved the idea and agreed to match fund and donated a large amount of eco-friendly sanitary products for the women.

“On release from prison many women leave homeless or go into temporary accommodation and often have little funds for necessities such as sanitary products. The aim of the donation was to ensure all women who are released from HMP New Hall have relevant sanitary products on the day of release and until they can sufficiently access them in the community. At HMP New Hall they have a departure lounge which the women can access on day of release, they are given 3 items of clothing and some toiletries, all these items are donated. The sanitary products will now add to the wider donated items within the offer.” – Senior Dedicated Female Navigator, Stacey

‘Here We Flo’ provide OEKO-Tex bamboo period pads and a 100% organic cotton tampons and pads that are eco-friendly.

Organic Tampons, Pads & Panty Liners | Flo Period Care – Here We Flo

“What a fantastic initiative. We’d be honoured to collaborate with you on this.”

Here We Flo