The Liaison and Diversion Service help support individuals who identify with having alcohol or substance misuse issues.

Our teams across West Yorkshire each have specialist Substance Misuse Support Time Recovery Workers, employed by The Bridge Project, providing alcohol and substance misuse expertise service wide.

The Bridge Project work directly with substance misuse providers to establish effective pathways from our service into treatment and work through any challenges or barriers, aiming to empower people experiencing multiple barriers to achieve positive change. Embedded alcohol and substance misuse leads in each of our teams allows for us to signpost service users to the appropriate support for them.

Many of our teams are co-located with substance misuse support providers, allowing for timely information sharing, swift referrals and fast-track appointments.

Test on Arrest

Additional funding from the Supplementary Substance Use Treatment Recovery Grant has enabled the Wakefield Liaison and Diversion Team to establish a “Test on Arrest” programme within Police Custody which helps to streamline custody services.

This funding has also enabled West Yorkshire Liaison and Diversion Service to recruit a Senior Substance Misuse Practitioner to oversee the Test on Arrest Programme and an Assertive Outreach Worker who is co-located within our Wakefield team providing a reactive and responsive approach to engage substance users.

The aim of this initiative is to identify individuals who may be in need of extra support, with a view to reducing re-offending. Our service are responsible for facilitating all required assessment appointments issued to Wakefield residents.

Working in partnership with The Bridge Project

Bridge - a way forward

“Thanks for your service, it helped me a lot and got some positive results from the help given, thank you”.

Service User Feedback, Substance Misuse

“I felt a million times better after talking to you, I’ve never talked about how I feel, maybe because no one’s ever asked.’

Service User Feedback, Substance Misuse

“Thank you so much for listening to me, it has really helped me going forward and that I can finally put that part of my life behind me and move forwards.”

Service User Feedback , Substance Misuse