If you have come into contact with the Criminal Justice System, we can help. This page covers how we help service users, including pathways specifically catered to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Female Pathway

Our service has a team of dedicated female specialist practitioners, with a representative in each of the locality teams.

Youth Pathway

We have practitioners specialised in working with young people based across our teams within West Yorkshire.

Veteran Pathway

Our service has a specific pathway for veterans to support them when they come into contact with the criminal justice system.

Mental Health

Mental Health Practitioners work across all of our teams, within courts and on specific pathways to provide tailored support.

Learning Disabilities and Neurodiversity

Established to support those with learning disabilities and/ or autism who come into contact with the Criminal Justice System.

Online Child Abuse Investigation Team

The Online Child Abuse Investigation Team (OCAIT) is a pathway for those individuals arrested for downloading indecent images of children.

Substance Misuse

Specialist Substance Misuse Support Time Recovery Workers are placed in each of our teams to signpost service users to the most appropriate support service. 

Lived Experience

The Lived Experience team provide support for service users across West Yorkshire in a variety of roles utilising their strengths.

Diversity and Inclusion

A specific pathway created to improve cultural awareness of staff and increase engagement with service users.